Private Communities, Apartments, and Condominiums

Access ControlNowhere is safety and security more important than at the places people call ‘home’. If you run any sort of housing community, whether it’s an HOA or an apartment complex, this is a challenge that you meet daily. With so many families in one area, it can be easy for serious problems to arise from within the community… and then you have to consider the threats from outside the neighborhood area. We here at Martinez and Company understand this full well and are MORE than ready to meet the challenge. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to accommodate. We offer a mix of patrol options to suit your specific situation along with the capability of providing access control for your community. Of course, there is more to this than security and we understand that as well. It’s important that residents feel at home when they are, well, home. Our officers are trained to be as courteous as they are proficient and will be more than happy to assist your residents with any issue they may have. Allow us to help you to make your community as safe and as pleasant as possible!

Hish-Risk Residential

Martinez and Company - About UsNot every neighborhood is like Mayberry and Officer Barney Fife would last a day in some residential communities. In areas where the majority of the populace is in poverty, desperation runs high and the stakes as well. Gangs are among the biggest cause of concern in these types of areas. Here is where our armed officers fit in the best. NOTHING stops a bad guy with a gun better than a good guy with a gun and our armed officers meet that qualification with flying colors! Our officers will use EVERY tactic they have at there disposal to resolve conflicts, using their weapon ONLY when no other option is available. In the meantime, those criminal elements that tend to resort to violent means WILL think twice when a highly qualified, highly skilled and highly competent armed officer is on the premises. NO Barney Fifes in the bunch, either!