Custody Escorts

Our security officers can provide escorts and transportation for crew members and other non-TWIC holders through the secure and restricted areas of regulated facilities where otherwise a TWIC would be required. For crew members and foreign nationals entering the United States, service begins at the port of arrival, and ends at the port of departure. During this time, our officers will arrange for and process travel forms with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and obtain gate passes and ticketing documentation upon arrival. Our officers will vouch for and assist the escorted persons at all checkpoints and facilities to ultimately safeguard against any deviation from their DHS authorized travel plans. We can also, upon client request, coordinate and carry out all of the administrative and logistical matters necessary to successfully complete each assignment. These matters include accommodations, travel methods, and medical escort needs.

Stowaway Repatriations

Armed and Unarmed PatrolsPersons illegally migrating from their country of origin to the United States by unauthorized access to seagoing vessels is an increasing threat to the maritime industry and its carriers. Stowaways are a safety and security risk to crew-members working aboard any vessel. They have been associated with drug trafficking and are a potential terrorist menace. Stowaways also inflict a financial burden to vessel owners and operators due to property losses and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) fines. We specialize in the implementation of preventative measures against stowaways aboard vessels. Our personnel are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in tracking, detaining, transporting, safeguarding and assisting in the deportation of any illegal alien found on-board a vessel. We can assist our clients in preventing the unauthorized entry of illegal aliens into the United States. Should safeguard escort be required prior to deportation, we will facilitate the stowaways’ movements and coordinate all necessary DHS procedures, medical needs, logistical plans, and appointments at foreign consulates. Repatriation security officers, if necessary, will travel with stowaways to their country of origin and transfer custody of the stowaway to the proper authorities.