Event Day Security

Access ControlWe all like to have fun once and a while and enjoy a good event, however, we also understand how quickly that fun can turn into the unexpected if the event is not properly maintained and controlled. We’ve heard of unruly crowds or an emergency situation turning an organized event into chaos. The horror stories of events that started well and ended with guests leaving with potentially life-threatening injuries, or worse, are something we never want to see in the headlines… simply because things got ‘a little out of control’. Don’t let your next event become one of these ‘good times gone bad’.

Protect yourself and your guests by allowing our highly-trained managers, security officers, and off-duty law enforcement officers assist you in keeping your next event running smoothly.

Through the combination of roving patrols and posted watches we can keep the peace and the good times rolling. Our roving officers can deal with any potential issues on-the-spot, including responding disturbances, breaches in security or unruly patrons and working with on-site local law enforcement to remedy them. Our courteous posted officers can help facilitate proper flow of patrons by restricting access to any areas deemed ‘off-limits’ and pointing patrons in the direction of the designated entry and exit points, including cases of emergency.

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Pre and Post Event

Martinez and Company - About UsOf course, we all understand that there is more to an event than just the event day. Equipment and supplies arrive before the day of and remain for a time after. Our officers can help ensure that none of these supplies ‘grow legs’ before or after your event through both roving patrols and posted watches.