Corporate & Retail Buildings

Office Complexes, Shopping Centers, Business Parks, High-Rises and Movie & Entertainment Venues… what do they all have in common?

The answer is simple… ALL of these commercial settings are at risk of severe security-related incidents. Theft, terrorism, workplace violence… ALL are valid concerns in the commercial sector. And, yes, terrorism is a threat to the commercial sector… as September 11, 2001 so painfully taught us.

While we might not be able to stop the next 9/11, our officers CAN assist your business in securing it’s assets and it’s personell in several ways:

1. Using random, roving patrols, our officers will be able to spot any suspicious activity, report it and respond if neccesary.

2. Posted officers can regulate traffic in and out of any secure or restricted areas, providing you with a detailed log of all traffic coming into and out of those areas.

3. After hours, our officers can conduct roving patrols along the perimeter of your business, ensuring that all entryways are locked and that no attempts at unlawful entry have been made. And, should the unfortunate happen, our officers are skilled in emergency response and will be able to safely evacuate all persons within your business and initiate Emergency Action Plans.

Financial Institutions & High-Value Businesses

Some businesses deal with property and/or assets so expensive that even the slightest loss equals a BIG problem for them. If you run a bank, jewelry store, museum, art gallery or automotive dealership, then this next message is aimed DIRECTLY at you. Please pay attention, because you CANNOT afford to NOT have some form of security presence on your property.

You know your business and you know your risks. NOTHING can go missing or be damaged… the loss and repercussions would be too great. How are you securing this high-value merchandise right now? Cameras? Alarm Systems? 24/7 Monitoring? Those are ALL good first steps to monitor and provide notification… however, they can only take care of PART of the problem.

Cameras have a limited view range, alarm systems can be manipulated and even if the alarm and cameras are monitored 24/7 with state of the art technology… what could these systems do to respond if something actually happened?

Answer, nothing! The all share the same weakness; none can provide a physical security presence or problem solving capability. Nothing beats an actual officer presence on the site when you are not and when needed.

Our officers will conduct patrols, secure any and all entry points, check for any vulnerabilities and take any other steps neccesary to make sure your property remains secure.

Call us today and ask us how! For ANY commercial property, NOTHING beats the peace of mind that an actual on site Martinez and Company Security Officer provides!