Vessel Security

Martinez and Company understands the dynamic challenges of maintaining vessel security to protect cargo, crew and property while enhancing ship safety. Changing smuggling methods, increasing illegal immigration threats and heightened terrorist risk around the globe require vessels to constantly implement differing combinations of safety and security measures. Our Consultants and Maritime Security Officers work with vessel operators and owners to assess these risks and roll out new security programs or implement and improve existing ones. Our Maritime Security Officers (MSO) also serve on-board as a permanent guard force to facilitate ISPS regulatory compliance, to support voluntary World Customs Organization programs such as C-TPAT, or to enhance the general security of a vessel. Martinez and Company MSO’s are highly skilled and experienced security officers who are thoroughly trained and certified on the ISPS Code and the C-TPAT program. Each MSO must pass a required background investigation, Seaman’s safety training and U.S. Department of State qualification review and approval before being deployed to serve aboard any vessel.

Gangway Security

Armed and Unarmed PatrolsMartinez and Company provides a versatile mix of services to meet the needs of gangway security coverage that meet or exceed ISPS and MTSA guidelines. Unarmed, Armed, and/or Law Enforcement grade security officers are deployed and utilized to ensure access points to and from any vessel are thoroughly guarded. Reports are maintained in accordance with USCG and CBP specified vessel or facility security guidelines. Clear procedures and training are implemented and maintained at each site and for every security officer assigned. Communication with local law enforcement and port security is coordinated at every maritime site we are assigned to manage and protect. Our security officers stand watch 24/7 to sustain a vigilant guard against any potential breaches of security.